Is it necessary to have a certification when a machine is adapted according to the el RD1215/97?

Legally it is not necessary as it is not indicated in the RD 1215/97 text. In the states that is required (preferably in writing) of all information relating to the safety of the teams. We advise, have an initial report of the former state, and a subsequent report, which clearly see the actions carried out in the machines.

When should I adapt the machines in my company?

Acoording the dead line that in the RD 1215/97 is published, the dead line for the adaptation was exactly 1 year. That means that actually, all the machines should be already adapted. The really shows something totally different, because the adaptation means a planned investment in the companies. However, the production sistems and ways may be changes, and the adpatation should be also be planned accordingly.

Adapt or buy a new machine? What should I do?

This is a costs item. In those cases that a small investment avoid a huge quantity of existing hazards, it is advised the adaptation. This rule should be follow only when the cost of the adaptation is lower that buying a new machine.

I don't know the manufacturing date of a machine used in my company. Should I adapt it to the RD 1215/97?

In all these cases, it’s usefull to check the plates of the electric engines. Normally, on those the engine manufacturing date, and the manufacturer are shown. This information could give us a clue, when the machine was assembled. In case that it is not possible, the RD 1215/97 should be applyed always.

Which machines should be adpated first?

There is nothing specific written on the RD 1215/97. In SAFEMAN, and according the experience that support us, we give the advise to prirorize according the following guideline:
Adapt all those machines that are more often used
Adapt the machines with more hazards
Adapt the machines that are listed in the attached number IV of the RD 1644/2008
Adapt the machine with the highest risks

What should I demand when I buy a machine?

First at all, it is neccesary to know if the new Directive about safety in machinery should be applied. This Directive was swichted into the RD 1644/2008 into the Spanish regulation. In this case, the manufacturer or the seller must provide the instructions (included electrical, pneumatic and main drawings) and the CE Conformity certificate. The machine must carry a plate with the information about the manufacturer and the CE marking.

When I manufacture a machine, which law is in use?

If the machine has been assembled before 1/1/1995, the RD 1215/97 must be applied. After that date, the RD 1435/92, and in case that the date is after 29/12/2009, the RD1644/2008

Who must sign the CE Conformity certificate?

The representative person to write the Conformity certificate up, in the name of the manufacturer or the authorized seller. Therefore, only the manufacturer, seller or a legal representative of them. A CE conformity certificate signed by another person/company is not valid, so that the CE Marking of the machine will be voided.

Who is the manufacturer of a machine?

In the RD 1644/2008, it is defined as the manufacturer, that person or company that designs and/or manufactures a machine or a cuasi-machine, in order to sell, or to use by his own.

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