Safety Engineering Machinery


Safeman, Safety Engineering Machinery, SL It was founded in 1998, following the publication of RD 1215/97 year earlier. In the premiante need for adaptation of work equipment present in companies in Spain, safeman specializes in the analysis of non-conformities teams.

During 1998 and 1999 safeman, making contact with approved inspection bodies, and public agencies to determine the scope and control planning adaptation plans.

Following further requests from clients, safeman, has been increasing its product portfolio, currently providing a wide range of services relating to machinery and safety organization in the business environment.


From SAFEMAN, Ingeniería de Seguridad en Máquinas, S.L., we are involved in the scope of the safety of the machinery since 1998. Our working core from the beginnings has been the adaptation of the machines to the RD 1215/97 (Spanish regulation, royal decree) about minimum safety requirements. Afterwards and after years of experience, we have already started with a wide variety around the safety in machines, covering machinery manufactured before and after 1/1/1995, components, instructions, training, etc…

Our compromise with the safety is the highest and our interests begging from the guarantee that the workers for your companies could work on a safety way, and reach the integration of the safety concepts while designing the machines or its components. We could not forget that the safety training is one of the areas in the scope of SAFEMAN, S.L.


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