Safety fire protection

SAFEMAN analyses the condition of the industrial installations and buildings, referring to the minimum safety range about fire protection. This item includes the building for the industrial use, installations, open air spaces and ware houses. This analysis is developed with the base of the RD 2267/2004, and specific standard norms that should be applied.

SAFEMAN writes up a report in which the different fire areas are described and separately analyzed. The intrinsic risk is calculated for every area, evaluating the corresponding fire risk. SAFEMAN makes this evaluation depending on the requirement of these areas according on the location, configuration and intrinsic risk.

After the evaluation, SAFEMAN designs the counter measures to reduce the fire risk and to guarantee the stability against the fire.

Component and accesories design

Removable fixed safeguards

Removable fixed safeguards

In case that our customer has some equipment and they need to install additional components, in SAFEMAN, S.L. there is experts for the designing and installation of those components.

If specific elements are needed, we design them for you, taking care of the safety basic principals for the machinery. After the approval of the design, we start with the manufacturing and assembling, and finally we install them onto the equipment from our customer.

Finally we provide the CE Marking of the new component, according with the last status of the equipment.

Safety on design

Perhaps you design or manufacture machines, including for your own purpose and use. In this case it’s neccesary to follow the safety regulation and it should be done on the design fisrt steps.

SAFEMAN, S.L. helps you trainig your designers on this items.

Sometimes the engineers from development areas don’t know about the safety regulation that should be applied. We have experience on trainig the developers so that they are able to join all the safety countermeasures in the design face.

We also help you to calculate the PL (Performance Level) of all the electronic systems to fulfill the current regulation.

Specific training

If you have special equipments, already adapted to your specific manufacturing process, and you need to train your own worker about the safety level of them, let us help you to plan all the neccesaries training that should be applied.

We have our own library of norms, and regulations.

Road design

In case that you need to define and organize the vehicle and pedestrians roads in your company, we are able to help you. We design the road and ways according to the norms and regulations, in order to avoid accidents and collisions of vehicles and/or petestrians. Frequent and ocasional access gates are distinguised, as well as, workers and visit different ways.

We draw the corresponding lay outs and release them together with our client. Finally we paint the ways and roads, we install the signals, and train our customer workers about the existing residual risks.